Quickstart Guide

Before you start

The Open API is flexible and can be used both with and without an API token. To ensure responsible usage and prevent abuse, there are limits on the number of requests users can make.

For new users, we recommend starting without authentication as it simplifies the initial set up process. However, if you find yourself needing more functionality beyond the limitations of unauthenticated access, you have the option to request for an API token.

Sending a Request

To access the Open API, always use the base URL https://api.data.gov.my (opens in a new tab) to send a HTTP GET request. When making API requests, prepend this base URL to the specific API endpoints you want to access. Here's an example of a request that returns a maximum of 3 fuel price records, using the Data Catalogue API:

GET https://api.data.gov.my/data-catalogue?id=fuelprice&limit=3

In this example:

  • The base URL is https://api.data.gov.my.
  • The specific API endpoint is /catalogue.
  • The query parameters used are id and limit.

Postman Collection

We recommend starting your exploration of the Open API by interacting with our Postman collection. The collection provides an interactive environment where you can send requests and receive real-time responses. It offers comprehensive examples of all available endpoints, allowing you to experiment, replicate requests, and customize them to meet your specific needs.

Run in Postman (opens in a new tab)