Response Format

Response Code

After sending an API request, you will receive a response with the following codes and headers, which indicate the status of your request:

200OKSuccessful Request.
400Bad RequestInvalid request. Check error message for more information.
404Not FoundThe resource requested doesn’t exist.
429Too Many RequestsYour client is currently being rate limited. Request an API token at Authentication to increase usage limits.
500Server ErrorSomething went wrong with OpenAPI! Please drop us an email if you encounter this error.

Valid Response

When your request is successful, you will receive a 200 OK response. By default, the API returns a list of records. If you need more details, you can use the meta parameter:


With meta=true, the response will look like this:

    "meta": {...},
    "data": [...]
  • meta: Provides basic information about the requested resource, including any applied filters.
  • data: Contains the collection of records you requested.

Error Response

If there is an error, the API will return an error response in JSON format. The error response includes the following elements:

    status: <int>,
    errors: [...],
  • status: Indicates the response code corresponding to the error.
  • errors: Contains error messages or descriptions to help identify issues with the API request.

*Please note that for specific APIs in the future, there may be unique formats different from the general formats above, which will be clearly explained in the respective API documentation.